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Is it possible to recover data from my device?

Yes. We can recover data from the most complex problems that nobody else can. Our professional lab is equipped with the industries best tools and is networked worldwide with the world's best professionals.


How much does it cost to recover my data?

We quote each drive on a case by case evaluation depending on its problem. The recovery will fall into the relevant category as advertised on our website. All prices include GST.


Why did my device fail?

All drives will fail eventually. Most problems are either caused by manufacturers defect or user interference.


How will I get my data back?

Depending on the amount of data you have, we can return data on customer supplied, purchased or loaned drives, DVDs or even email.


Is it safe to send my device by courier or post?

Yes. However we do recommend that you use sufficient padding at least twice the size of the drive and registering your parcel. For less than $15, Australia post offers a pre-paid satchel with overnight delivery, tracking and insurance.


I am interstate or overseas, can I send my device to you?

Yes. We are more than happy to service our customers from any part of Australia. All you need to do is send your drive to us by Courier or Australia Post and include your contact details so we can contact you.


How do I prevent data loss?

Backup is the only reliable way to prevent data loss. Depending how valuable your data is we recommend multiple methods including local and remote.


What is the best brand to buy?

No brand is better than the other however we do notice common problems with specific models. Most manufacturers offer enterprise class models which are more expensive but have a lower failure rate. We personally use and recommend western digital black, based on failure and success rates that we see daily. We haven't been paid to say that either just a honest appraisal.



+1 #1 Jin 2013-11-24 09:30
On Friday evening I accidentally spilt soup on my laptop. After this incident, I wiped the laptop up, hairdried it for a couple minutes, attempted to turn it on once or twice, but now I'm positive that it's dead. I had quickly taken out the battery and the internal hard disk. I have extremely important files on the drive as a Year 12 student. How much would it cost to recover the data and at the quickest time possible?

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