SD Memory Card Data Recovery

Has your memory card stopped working or lost photos? Don't panic! We're here to get your files back! We deal with all types of memory cards like SD / Micro SD cards from cameras, DSLR & phones.

IMPORTANT: For best success STOP using it and leave it turned off.

Sandisk Toshiba Samsung Lexar Verbatim Huawei Sony Strontium
Can you recover my data?

Yes! We are Australia's most experienced data recovery company. Our team are University qualified computer scientists and we were the first company in Australia certified for chip-off data recovery by Ace Labs.

  • Deleted files
  • Corrupted Partition
  • Formatted
  • Lost or missing files
  • Bad Sectors, Read Errors
  • Damaged PCB, pins, contacts
  • Slow reading sectors
  • Chip-off reading
  • Card not detected
How long does it take?

Standard service: 1 ~ 4 weeks

Urgent service: Same week +$150

Emergency 24 hour service +$250

Why should I use Zero Alpha Data Recovery?
  • Your best chance of getting your data back is with us.
  • We never give up!
  • We have the worlds most advanced data recovery technology.
  • We can diagnose any problem whether its not being detected from hardware faults or software problems like corruption and deleted.
  • The IT industry also chooses us for data recovery outsourcing as we offer the highest success rates without the corporate price tags our competitors charge.
  • We give an honest appraisal. 
  • We're not just computer science nerds at Zero Alpha, our team is fun and passionate about what we do.
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