DT01ACA100 Data Recovery Toshiba 1TB SATA 3.5 Hard Drive

If you are experiencing problems with your Toshiba DT01ACA100 hard drive, then stop what you are doing and leave it off. Get your drive to us immediately for a free diagnosis. We are Toshiba recovery specialists and have been given proprietary insider access to get your data back.



DT01ACA100 Common problems:

Not showing in computer. Not detected in BIOS, disk management or disk utility software. If your Toshiba DT01ACA100 is not being detected we can still retrieve data.

Clicking DT01ACA100 is a common hardware problem associated with heads failure. A Toshiba 1TB SATA 3.5 Hard Drive will click repeatedly or spin down after a few cycles if the reading heads are worn out or from being dropped. Sometimes a faint beeping sound can be heard. These cases can only be solved by our expert recovery professionals in our clean room.

Slow responding & Freezing DT01ACA100 is also common hardware fault. This problem will cause the computer to freeze and become unresponsive. If really bad it will stop a computer or laptop from booting into Windows or Apple Mac OS. Don't panic we are highly experienced to get data back.

AA10/750, BA21/810, AA11/7S0, AB00/7L0, AB30/8K0, AA00/800, AB10/750 Firmware problems can cause a drive to no longer detect with its correct identification. We have specialised Toshiba equipment and only we can solve all firmware related issues.

PCB issues are also common. The pcb is the printed circuit board. These symptoms prevent the DT01ACA100 from powering up or spinning up. This is most often caused by power spikes and electrical damage. PCB failure is easy for us to service and save your data.

We have spares for Part Number: HDKPC03A0A02 S, HDKPC03D0A06 S, HDKPC03D0A03 S, HDKPC03A7A01 S, HDKPC32A7A01 S, HDKPC03H2A02 S, HDKPC03A1A02 S

Various software problems can cause data loss of your DT01ACA100 files and folders. Our technicians can recover data when its been deleted, corrupted or virus infected.

Don't panic we are the best in Australia at getting Toshiba files back:

- Microsoft Office - Word, Excel, PDF
- Pictures, Photos
- Graphics and Movies
- Archives
- Databases (MSSQL, Firebird, Mysql, Etc)
- Email (PST, Exchange)
- Encrypted files (EFS, Bitlocker, Truecrypt, PGP, etc)
- Internet files (Windows Live, cookies, logs)

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