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We get data back from Macbook failures
Apple logo bootloop
A folder with a flashing question mark
Macbook Wont turn on
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Failed after update
Water damaged iPhone
Apple logo boot loop
iPhone wont turn on
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Wont turn on
Apple logo boot loop
Can't unlock
Physically damaged
imac data recovery


Wont start up
Folder with question mark on boot
Deleted data recovery
Drive failure
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Mac Pro

Drive failure
Boot or startup issues
Deleted or lost data
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Mac Mini

Wont turn on
SSD failure
Physically damaged
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Mac Data Recovery

Any Mac any Problem
Do you need to recover files on Mac, like critical documents or photos?
Our data recovery service has an ex-Apple engineer who can solve these issues
apple mac data recovery

Common Macbook Data Recovery Issues

Startup issues. If your Mac fails to boot properly and you find yourself staring at a blank screen or grey startup screen instead of your desktop.

Internal drive problems including the hard drive, ssd or logic board. This usually makes your mac unresponsive.

Accidently spilled liquid into the macbook causing it to fail

Accidently deleted files or folders

Kernel panics. A kernel panic occurs when you restart the MacBook, and its screen goes black with an error message stating that you need to restart the computer again.

AirPort - Time Capsule Data Recovery

Yes we can recover data from Apples discontinued airport and time capsule range. These devices often connected to a router can have their internal drives fail. Most often we will need to open this product to recover data. If you have been using time capsule as a backup device and having issues then you can contact our team for a free assessment. 

iPhone Data Recovery

Any iPhone any Problem

Our team has an ex-Apple engineer who can recover data

iphone data recovery technician

iPhone wont turn on data recovery

We recover data from iPhones with problems turning on including hardware issues. iPhones can suffering problems with the electronics or be physically damaged from accidents including drops. 

Water Damage iPhone Data Recovery

Has water damaged your iPhone? Need your pictures, messages or contacts back? Doesn't turn on or respond anymore? Not only can we get your data back, we are Australia's only data recovery lab with an ex Apple technician who can.

We get data off phones damaged by pools, toilets, sinks, puddles, beaches, oceans, rain & water bottles.

Service for all models: Apple iPhone 13, 12, 11,  X / XS / XR / MAX, iPhone 8 / 8 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 6S / 6S Plus, iPhone 6 / 6 Plus, iPhone 5 / 5C / 5S / SE, iPhone 4S & iPhone 4.

No other company in Australia has been able to out perform our skills and success rate. We have recovered phones for high profile celebrities, corporations & Police.

How it works: All advanced phone recoveries are performed at our Brisbane office. Send it direct to Brisbane or drop off at any office. Please be advised that we will need to disassemble the phone. Our service is for data recovery only. We do not fix the phone. We do not need your sim card.

water damaged iphone data recovery

iPhone Water Damage - What to do

water damage iphone get to us asap
Get your phone to us ASAP so we can stop corrosion.
don't put your phone in rice
"The Rice Trick" Does not work and will only help corrosion.
do not charge your water damage iphone
DO NOT CHARGE OR POWER YOUR PHONE ON. 99% of our work is dealing with damaged electronics from customers who attempt to repower their phones. If your TV or toaster was full of water would you try and turn it on? NO you wouldn't. 
dangerous iphone parts will be disposed
Hazardous batteries or materials will be removed and safely disposed. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR OTHER TECHNICIANS: Zero Alpha is proud to announce we are the worlds first firm to solve iPhones with the Apple logo boot loop problem and issues relating to PP_CPU, PP_GPU, PP_SOC.

Zero Alpha is approved for Apple warranty

Hard drives that have become non-functional through normal use, and have had data recovery performed on them by Zero Alpha can be returned to Apple for warranty service. This includes products covered by the AppleCare Protection Plan. You will need to report your product to Apple first.