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iPhone XR Crash on Restore Screen Data Recovery

The restore screen crash is a relatively common issue that can occur during the iOS restore process. It may manifest as the device freezing on the Apple logo or displaying an iTunes logo with a connector cable. This problem can arise due to various reasons, including software glitches, incomplete updates, or hardware issues Zero Alpha as they can restore your data using specialised skills and tools.

IPhone XR Crash on Restore Screen Data Recovery

A customer came into our service looking for very important photos, videos and contacts stored on this device. This phone broke down suddenly after losing battery. When attempting to restore, the phone would start the backup and freeze. After attempting to restart the phone, it opened back to the restore page. This customer brought it into Zero Alpha and the experts were able to understand the data recovery process after a quick assessment of the phone.

Case Log

10 Jan 2024 - After plugging in the phone, the restore page as seen above was displayed. Noticed the side power button is dented in and does not work. Took off screen and disconnect ribbon to button. After reassembling iphone and turning it on. Activation Lock turns on automatically when you turn on Find My on your device. Apple ID and password is needed to by pass this

iPhone XR Crash on Restore Screen Data Recovery