RAID & NAS data recovery service in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. We recover data from all failures including raid controller issues and failed hard drives.

Whether its RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, or 60 we have more experience than any other company.

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RAID Data Loss? Let us recover your data

We can help recover files from any brand or type of server regardless of the problem. Common raid data recovery brands:


Promise Pegasus





Buffalo Linkstation

WD My Cloud

Icy Box





RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) configurations, also known as RAID levels, are various architectures that offer different balances of performance, data availability, and redundancy. Some common RAID configurations include:

RAID 0 (Striping): Data is split across all drives for high read and write speeds, but there is no redundancy. If a single drive fails, all data is lost.

RAID 1 (Mirroring): Data is duplicated across two or more drives for redundancy, providing fault tolerance but halving the available storage capacity.

RAID 5 (Striped Set with Distributed Parity): Data and parity (checksum) information are striped across three or more drives. It provides a balance of performance, storage use, and data redundancy.

RAID 6 (Striped Set with Dual Distributed Parity): Like RAID 5, but provides extra fault tolerance by storing a second parity block distributed across drives.

RAID 10 (Striped Mirrors): Combines RAID 0 and RAID 1, typically requiring a minimum of four disks. It provides the redundancy of RAID 1 along with the increased performance of RAID 0.

RAID 50 (Combination of RAID 5 and RAID 0): It combines the straight block-level striping of RAID 0 with the distributed parity of RAID 5.

RAID 60 (Combination of RAID 6 and RAID 0): It combines the straight block-level striping of RAID 0 with the dual distributed parity of RAID 6.

Expert Solutions to Common RAID Data Recovery Problems

recovering data from a failed hard drive inside a clean room

Drive failures

Drive failures are common in RAID arrays. Brands like Seagate, WD, and Toshiba are prone to failures over time. At Zero Alpha, we have extensive experience recovering data from these brands. Our team of experts understands the complexities of RAID systems and we are adept at recovering data even from failed drives.

raid data recovery service

Rebuild Errors

Rebuild errors occur when another drive fails during a RAID rebuild process. This can result in data loss across brands such as Dell, HP, and Lenovo RAID systems. Zero Alpha has the skills and resources to handle these complex scenarios. Our recovery process includes secure tools and procedures to ensure a successful rebuild and data recovery.

data recovery from sas drive failed in raid system

SAS or SATA Hard Drive Recovery

There are 2 types of server hard drives. SAS and SATA. We are capable of recovering data from either. Most systems have individual drive LED lights that will show an error if one of your sas or sata hard drives fails. What to do when you lose data. Warning: Do not open your drive! Unfortunately we are seeing more customers opening their drive based on the advice of amateur youtube videos. This work requires highly specialised tools and you only get one chance, so don't ruin your drive or make it more expensive to recover!

recovering data from a qnap raid hospital server

RAID Controller Failures

RAID controllers like those from IBM, Adaptec, or LSI can occasionally fail, making data inaccessible. NAS systems also like Drobo, QNAP, Synology & Promise. Zero Alpha offers specialized recovery services that address controller failures. Our team has the expertise to work with a variety of RAID controllers, ensuring your data is retrieved safely.  Incorrect reconfiguration of RAID settings can cause catastrophic data loss.

raid volume degraded error message

Software Corruption

Software corruption can occur due to malware attacks, system crashes, or power outages and can affect various RAID systems like Dell, Cisco, or Lenovo. Zero Alpha has comprehensive solutions to recover data from such corrupted systems. Our tools are designed to navigate this corruption, ensuring data recovery and system restoration.

getting data back from a raid server with multiple drive failure

Human Errors. Do not experiement with the settings or drives

Want to know how to lose all your data? Simple. Call your IT support person who has no experience with solving server problems and ask them to run damaging experiments, like modifying the server firmware settings or removing and experimenting with individual disk drives. Seriously, this is unfortunately one of the biggest mistakes someone can make. These systems are easy for an expert to recover until someone starts rearranging the original settings. A RAID system is a giant digital jigsaw puzzle. It's very obvious to our staff when a system has been tampered with by a panicked user. If you can't access it, then it's time for a professional to step in.

How to Handle RAID Data Loss: Expert Advice and Recovery Methods

The most critical step in handling RAID data loss is to turn off your system immediately. A switched-off RAID setup, whether Dell, HP, or Synology, helps prevent the problem from escalating. Data loss can be a stressful event, and we at Zero Alpha are here to help. Contact our friendly support hotline on 1300 001 211 for expert advice. Don't panic – hard drives are intricate devices, so it's best to leave them turned off and let the professionals step in.

We can't stress this enough. The hardest jobs to recover from are the ones that have been completely mucked up by IT service industry personnel. Most of these people have good intentions to help you, but their unqualified service usually leads to risky experiments, which risk making the problem worse. These systems are very easy for us to recover from without all the interference caused by amateurs.

Beware of websites claiming to be experts. They use fake "Stock" photos and promote overconfident success rates. These charlatans are known for outsourcing the drives to unknown locations, overcharging or attempt data recovery with no professional equipment. See The Data Recovery wall of shame if you don't believe us.

Can Zero Alpha Recover Data From My NAS?

Absolutely! At Zero Alpha, we're skilled in retrieving data from even the most intricate NAS systems, including renowned brands like Synology, QNAP, or Netgear. Our dedicated data recovery lab offers a FREE initial assessment to diagnose your device's issue. We pride ourselves on our transparency, providing straightforward pricing based on the problem at hand. As Australia's most affordable professional data recovery service, we'll devise an action plan to retrieve your files safely and securely. Leveraging manufacturer diagnostic equipment, we can identify your device's issue accurately. Our vast experience and world-leading tools equip us to solve all data recovery problems, setting us apart from typical local computer repair stores.

Data Recovery Success Rate

Professional data recovery, like the services provided by Zero Alpha, typically boasts high success rates. The most challenging cases often involve systems that have undergone unprofessional tinkering. However, we've successfully recovered data from the toughest scenarios, including high-profile court cases, celebrities, government entities, businesses, and the professional IT sector.

What's the Cost for Server Data Recovery?

Zero Alpha stands as Australia's most cost-effective PROFESSIONAL data recovery service. Once we've identified your media's issue, we can provide an accurate quote and estimated timeline for your data recovery. We take pride in being the first company in Australia to receive official certification in data recovery. With Zero Alpha, you're trusting your data to certified experts.

Free Initial Diagnosis for RAID Data Recovery

Our expert team at Zero Alpha is well-equipped to diagnose issues with your RAID system, whether it involves brands like Dell, Synology, or Netgear. Leveraging diagnostic tools from all leading manufacturers, we can accurately determine the problem with your RAID drives. We offer this initial assessment free of charge, providing the first step towards your successful data recovery journey.














Our data recovery prices are simple flat rates. We quote based on the problem with the drive. Level 1 & 2 is for software issues and Level 3 & 4 is for hardware problems. Depending on how bad your drive is will depend on which price you will get quoted. Most of our prices are no data no pay. This means that in a rare situations, if we do not get data back from a drive then we do not charge for the service. The level 4 price is for the most complex problems with multiple drive failures. Quoting an upfront attempt fee is more likely for jobs that have been interfered with by an inexperienced technician. All our prices include goods and services tax. We also have Australia's largest spare parts inventory which is available to our competitors. 

How long does data recovery take?


1 to 4 Weeks Average


Rapid ASAP

Rapid response including afterhours


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Experience matters! Professional data recovery service since 1999
We have the World's most advanced data recovery technology
Lowest priced affordable data recovery in Australia.
Most preferred data recovery company for Home, Business & Government
If it stores data we can help regardless of the problem
100% Aussie owned & operated.
We give an honest FREE appraisal of your hard drive
We're not just computer science nerds at Zero Alpha, our team is fun and passionate about what we do.
First company in Australia officially certified in data recovery technology
University qualified in computer science.

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Yes, we provide professional, secure raid data recovery services. Call us on 1300 001 211.

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We are Australia's lowest priced professional data recovery service. We quote off a simple flat rate pricing table depending on the problem with your drive. If you find a cheaper quote anywhere else please call us on 1300 001 211 so we can beat it.

Yes. Our data recovery service can assist with all brands and server types.

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