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USB Data Recovery Advice

We recommend in all cases of data loss to leave your USB flash drive unplugged. This will prevent further damage. Sometimes data loss can be distressing. You can call our super friendly hotline for advice on 1300 001 211. We will be able to provide you with reassuring advice on what to do next.

Avoid unqualified friends, family members or internet experiments. Most of the these people have good intentions to help you but their unqualified advice usually leads to further damage.

Avoid internet apps, Windows checkdisk or Mac first aid disk check. These apps are not sophisticated enough to deal with faulty drives and can cause data rearrangement that can risk permanent data loss or make a data recovery job more expensive than it needed to be.

How to recover data from failed a failed USB

Our data recovery lab will diagnose the problem with your USB stick first. We provide a FREE test & quote. Our pricing is the lowest price guaranteed. As Australia's leading data recovery service we will then have an action plan to get your files back.

usb data recovery with microscope inspection
getting data off an embedded usb drive


Open 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday. Free Test & Quote while you wait


Open 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday. Free Test & Quote while you wait


Open 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday. Free Test & Quote while you wait


Open 8:30am - 5:30pm Monday to Friday. You can drop off your device so it can securely reach us or we can provide you with free shipping direct to our lab. 

The Most Common Causes of USB Flash Drive Failure
  1. usb device not recognized data recoveryUSB Device is not recognised

    We get data back from USB not detecting problems: A USB flash disk that has malfunctioned will not detect in any computer. Sometimes it may still make a chime sound or freeze your computer. Don't worry come and visit one of our USB data recovery service locations and we can help. USB device not recognized. Sometimes it will still making the connecting sound but isn't recognized.

  2. usb flash drive not working on mac os. the disk you inserted was not readable by this computerCorruption

    We get data back from corrupted USB drives: If your USB drive has been corrupted it will no longer detect by your computer. Data corruption is common for a usb stick when it has been interupted during a read and write cycle. Examples are when its not ejected properly or quickly removed or unplugged during a saving process. The next time the USB stick is plugged back in it will no longer show the folders or files. Common error messages includes, The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer.

  3. If your usb drive is bent or damaged we can do a chip off data recovery. This nand chip holds 32gb of data and was removed from a usb flash stick that stopped workingDamaged or Broken USB Thumb Drive

    We get data back from broken usb drives: USB flash drives can be bent or physically damaged. We see broken usb connectors and fractured pcb boards. As long as the memory chip isn't damaged there is a very high chance of successful data recovery. Zero Alpha data recovery performing a chip off data recovery case. Here you can see a single 32GB memory chip that was removed from a physically broken usb flash drive. We can directly read the data and return it to customers:

  4. get deleted data back from usb driveDeleted Files or Folders

    Recover Deleted Files & Folders from USB flash sticks: When data is deleted computers remove the indexing to the files so that the hard drive space becomes available for new data. Zero Alpha can find these files giving you a high success rate for deleted file data recovery also known as undeletion.

  5. please insert a disk into USB Drive

    Insert Disk Error

    We get data back from the Insert disk error: The please insert a disk into USB Drive occurs when their is a fault with your usb drive. Our data recovery services are well experienced with solving this problem. If you see this message its best to leave your usb stick unplugged and take it to us for a free evaluation. You need to format the disk in drive, error message: If you see this message its very important you don't click on format as this will cause further damage to the files on your USB stick. Just unplug it and visit us for further advice. In most cases we can get your files back.

  6. You need to format the disk in drive before you can use it. Do you want to format it? ErrorYou need to format the disk in drive D: before you can use it. Do you want to format it?

    We get data back from the format the disk in drive error: Its very important that you do not format disk if you see this error as it will overwrite your existing data making it harder to recover. Don't panic if you see this error as its very common and we have a high success rate.

Zero Alpha data recovery service are usb data recovery experts.

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Standard service: 1 ~ 4 weeks
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Experience matters! Professional data recovery service since 1999
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Yes, we provide professional, secure data recovery services in Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne. So call us on 1300 001 211.

Yes. All our work is performed at our data recovery office.

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Yes. We can provide fast turnaround data recovery service to our customers.

We are Australia's lowest priced professional usb data recovery service. We quote off a simple flat rate pricing table depending on the problem with your drive. If you find a cheaper quote anywhere else please call us on 1300 001 211 so we can beat it.

Yes. Our usb data recovery service can assist with all brands and types of media.


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