USB Data Recovery service for faulty and damaged USB Flash Drives. We recover files back from flash or thumb drives.

Have you unintentionally deleted crucial files? Encountered formatting errors or corruption?

Is your USB device no longer functioning as expected?

Look no further! We're here to help restore your precious data!




Zero Alpha is Australia's most advanced USB data recovery service. Our performance guarantees you get the best chance of recovering data from USB problems. Free initial assessment to diagnose what problem you have and what it will cost to recover data. You can visit us or deliver a USB device to us.

Our lab is equipped with Australia's most advanced data recovery equipment offering you the best chance of success within the IT industry. We can do chip off and hardware data recovery. And recover all software problems. Our experience is number 1 within the data recovery industry.

All USB flash drive brands including: ADATA, Corsair, G.Skill, Emtec, HP (Hewlett-Packard), Imation, Integral Memory, Kingston Technology, Lexar, Mushkin, Netac, Patriot, PNY Technologies, Samsung, SanDisk, Seagate, Silicon Power, Sony, Toshiba, Transcend, Verbatim, Western Digital.

Common USB Drive Problems and Their Solutions

usb not detected data recovery

USB flash drive is not detected

USB flash drives may malfunction and become undetectable due to physical damage, power surges, component wear, or liquid exposure. A broken USB connector or internal components can lead to drive failure. Similarly, repeated use, bending, dropping, or contact with liquids can cause the drive to fail or become inaccessible. At Zero Alpha, we specialise in data recovery from such non-recognised or 'dead' USB drives. Whether it's your PC, Mac, or laptop failing to detect the drive, we can correctly diagnose the problem and recover your data. Visit us today for professional assistance with your USB flash drive issues.

usb chip off data recovery

Capacity Issues

USB flash drives may display incorrect capacity due to various issues: physical damage like broken connectors, malware infection, file system corruption, bad sectors, or misrepresented capacities from unreliable manufacturers. These issues can render the drive inaccessible, undetectable, or diminished in capacity. Zero Alpha excels in handling such challenges, capable of recovering data from USB drives exhibiting these issues. Regardless of the cause—be it mechanical damage, malware interference, file corruption, or deceptive manufacturing practices—we have the expertise to diagnose and resolve the problem effectively, ensuring your data's recovery. Trust Zero Alpha for professional, efficient USB data recovery solutions.

usb data recovery lab

USB file system errors

File system corruption in USB flash drives can stem from power interruptions, malware infections, improper ejection, hardware failure, overuse, or aging. Commonly, such corruption arises when drives are removed without using the "Safely Remove Hardware" option or during active data transfer, leading to incomplete processes and inconsistent, inaccessible file systems. At Zero Alpha, we're adept at retrieving data from such corrupted USB drives. With our high success rates, we stand as your reliable choice for data recovery from compromised USB sticks. If your USB flash drive's file system is corrupted, turn to us for effective, efficient data recovery.

usb device is not recognized by this computer data recovery

Deleted Files or Folders

Realised you've deleted vital files from your USB flash stick? Cease its use immediately to avoid overwriting and maximise recovery chances. Deletion just removes file indexing, freeing space for new data. At Zero Alpha, we specialise in undeletion—retrieving your erased files with high success rates, regardless of whether you're using a Mac or Windows computer. We avoid overwriting or file system corruption risk posed by free software and online tools, ensuring your files' safe recovery from a read-only state. Don't risk losing your data forever—contact Zero Alpha for correct technical support and professional data recovery.

drive causes computer to freeze when connected

USB Drive freezes, becomes unresponsive or slow

Slow or unresponsive USB flash drives could be affected by hardware issues, file system corruption, or internal physical damage. Problems with the controller chip, which manages data transfers, may also cause such issues. At Zero Alpha, we excel at resolving these complications, backed by Australia's best data recovery tools and extensive experience. We can retrieve data from even the most broken USB sticks. If your USB thumb drive freezes or ceases to respond, unplug it and bring it to us for a free evaluation. Trust Zero Alpha for professional diagnosis and effective recovery of your crucial data.

You need to format the disk in drive before you can use it

You need to format the disk in drive D: before you can use it. Do you want to format it?

Encountered a 'format disk in drive' error on your USB stick? Avoid formatting as it risks overwriting existing data. Keep away from disk-checking programs which could rearrange the file system. If data recovery is your priority, resist repairing a corrupted USB drive yourself. At Zero Alpha, we employ read-only methods to recover your files, reducing the risk of permanent damage. We're experienced in tackling this common error and boast high success rates. Whether you need documents or pictures retrieved, or recovery from a formatted USB stick, trust Zero Alpha for safe and professional data recovery services.

USB Data Recovery Advice

In all instances of data loss, our immediate recommendation is to power down your drive. The complexities of USB flash drives make them sensitive to additional changes, which could further compromise your data. We understand that such instances can be distressing, potentially leading to hasty decisions that might exacerbate the situation. Hence, keep calm and turn to our dedicated hotline at 1300 001 211. Our friendly team is on standby, ready to provide reassuring advice on the best course of action. Remember, panic often leads to further complications, so remain calm and trust in our professional guidance. Let Zero Alpha be your first call during these stressful moments.

When dealing with data loss, avoid acting on advice from well-intentioned but unqualified friends, family members, or online sources. Their recommendations might lead to risky experiments that could escalate the problem. We post regular failure photos on The Data Recovery wall of shame.

Don't use any software that can make the problem worse like: Windows' checkdisk, or Mac's first aid disk check. These applications lack the sophistication required to effectively handle faulty drives. They could potentially rearrange data in a way that risks permanent loss or inflates the cost of professional data recovery.

For the best chances of successful data recovery, keep the affected drive as untouched as possible. The original condition of your drive is the most conducive to retrieving your data. At Zero Alpha, we ensure that your data integrity is our top priority.

Beware of websites claiming to be experts. They use fake "Stock" photos and promote overconfident success rates. These charlatans are known for outsourcing the drives to unknown locations, overcharging or attempt data recovery with no professional equipment. See The Data Recovery wall of shame if you don't believe us.

Can you recover data from my USB flash drive?

Yes! we recover data from the most complex problems. Our data recovery lab will diagnose the problem with your media first. We provide a FREE initial assessment. All our prices are advertised with simple flat rates depending on the problem. We are Australia's lowest priced professional data recovery service. We will provide you with an action plan to get your files back. Once we know what is wrong with your drive we can tell you everything you want to know to get the data back safely and securely. We have direct access to all manufacturers diagnostic equipment. This is how we are able to find out exactly what is wrong with your device or media. We have years of experience to solve all problems. Our lab is equipped with all the worlds leading tools. This is what gives our dedicated data recovery service a higher advantage for success than a regular local computer repair store.

USB Data Recovery Success Rates

Professional data recovery generally has a high success rate which means the vast majority of cases can be recovered. The most difficult cases are usually low quality cheap USB sticks. We get data back from the most difficult cases and we can find lost data from a USB flash drive. Zero Alpha has provided data recovery for high profile court cases, celebrities, government, business, the professional IT industry, and individuals.


Sandisk, Toshiba, Verbatim, Kingston, Dynabook, Lexar, Transcend, Samsung, HP, Corsair, PNY

Any Brand, Any Problem

No matter what USB device you have we can recover its data.


Zero Alpha is Australia's lowest price PROFESSIONAL data recovery service. Once we know what is wrong with your USB media we can tell you how much it will cost and how long it will take to recover your data. We were the FIRST Company in Australia to be officially certified in data recovery. 

Free Initial Assessment

Our staff are highly experienced to diagnose the problem with your media. It takes 5 minutes to test your usb while you wait.  We have all manufacturers diagnostic equipment and can determine what is wrong with your drive. The initial assessment is free.











Our data recovery prices are simple flat ratesPrice depends on the problem with your USB flash drive. Level 1 is for software problems. Software problems means that USB stick is working correctly but the software has issues. Level 2 and level 3 is for hardware problems. This is when the electronics of your USB flash drive is not working. No data no pay prices means that if we don't recover data then you don't pay for the service. 

The level 3 price is for technology which has all electronics embedded inside a single wafer chip. They are usually the cheapest product on the market. We may charge a portion of this price upfront as a non refundable attempt fee.

All our prices include goods and services tax. We also have Australia's largest spare parts inventory which is available to our competitors. 

How long does data recovery take?


1 to 4 Weeks Average


Rapid ASAP

Rapid response including afterhours


Why choose Zero Alpha Data Recovery?

Experience matters! Professional data recovery service since 1999
We have the World's most advanced data recovery technology
Lowest priced affordable data recovery in Australia.
Most preferred data recovery company for Home, Business & Government
If it stores data we can help regardless of the problem
100% Aussie owned & operated.
We give an honest FREE appraisal of your hard drive
We're not just computer science nerds at Zero Alpha, our team is fun and passionate about what we do.
First company in Australia officially certified in data recovery technology
University qualified in computer science.

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USB Data Recovery Examples & Brands


Yes, we provide professional, secure usb data recovery services. Call us on 1300 001 211.

We recover data from Sandisk.

We recover data from Toshiba USB Flash Drives.

We recover data from Dynabook USB Flash Drives.

We recover data from Samsung USB Flash Drives.

We recover data from Kingston USB Flash Drives.

We are Australia's lowest priced professional data recovery service. We quote off a simple flat rate pricing table depending on the problem with your drive. If you find a cheaper quote anywhere else please call us on 1300 001 211 so we can beat it.

Yes. Our flash drive data recovery service can assist with all brands and types of media.

Our Clients

recovering data from a bank server


Reserve Bank of Australia
Server Data Recovery

police data recovery


Queensland Police Service
Criminal Investigation Branch
High Profile Forensic data recovery

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Hospitals, Universities and Education.
Apple & Windows Server RAID recovery.
Fire & Emergency Services.

Air Services Australia

Air Traffic Control Tower
Brisbane Airport
Hard disk drive data recovery

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The Daily Telegraph


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james cook university data recovery

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Macbook data recovery

western sydney university data recovery

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Hard drive data recovery

univesity of queensland data recovery

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charity data recovery

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queensland african communities council data recovery

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queensland perfoming art centre data recovery

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Data recovery for theatre

queensland fire and emergency services data recovery

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Data recovery for fire and emergency services

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Data recovery for the largest radio and tv broadcaster in Australia
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kfc data recovery


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