SSD data recovery service for all brands and problems. We are a professional solid state drive recovery company.

Leveraging advanced technology and a team of highly skilled professionals, we specialize in restoring data from all types of Solid State Drives (SSDs), regardless of the brand or model.

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Mastering SSD Data Recovery: Overcoming Typical Problems

Solid State Drives (SSDs) are popular for their speed and reliability, but like all storage media, they are not immune to data loss. Here are the top six SSD data loss problems. Typical brands our company rescues data from: ADATA, Corsair, Crucial, Gigabyte, HP (Hewlett-Packard), Intel, Kingston, Micron, Mushkin, OCZ, Patriot, PNY, Sabrent, Samsung, SanDisk, Seagate, Silicon Power, SK Hynix, Toshiba, Transcend, Western Digital, Xioxia & XPG.

data recovery from an SSD with physical damage

Physical Damage

Our team at Zero Alpha has the expertise to handle physically damaged SSDs, including those from leading brands like Samsung, Crucial, Kingston, Xioxia and SanDisk. Using advanced recovery tools, we can salvage data even from severely damaged flash chips. Our precise physical data recovery processes ensure high recovery success rates while preserving the integrity of your data.

ssd not detected data recovery

Electrical Issues

Zero Alpha specialises in recovering data lost due to electrical issues in SSDs. From power surges to circuit board failures, our team uses industry-leading techniques to restore data from brands like Western Digital, Intel, and Toshiba. Our electrical damage recovery service is one of our most sought-after offerings.

ssd data recovery with wear levelling issues

Wear levelling issues

With extensive experience in SSD lifespan issues, we at Zero Alpha can recover data from worn-out SSDs of brands such as Adata, Seagate, and Corsair. Our wear and tear recovery techniques are designed to retrieve data from SSDs that have reached their write cycle limits.

ssd data recovery that has wear levelling issues

Firmware Corruption

At Zero Alpha, we're skilled in recovering data from SSDs with corrupted firmware. Whether it's a PNY, HP, or any other brand, our team is well-versed in navigating firmware issues to restore lost data. Our firmware corruption data recovery services are tailored to each brand and model for optimal results.

ssd nvme drive causes computer to freeze when connected data recovery

Bad Blocks

Our team at Zero Alpha excels in recovering data from SSDs with bad blocks. Regardless of the brand, be it WD Blue, Samsung Evo, or Crucial MX500, our bad block recovery techniques have been developed to extract data even from the most challenging sectors.

hard drive data recovery company

Data Corruption

Zero Alpha is proficient in restoring data from SSDs affected by data corruption. Whether it's a sudden power loss or a malware attack on your Kingston or SanDisk SSD, our data corruption recovery methods have a high success rate, ensuring your data's safety and recovery.

Need Help with SSD Data Recovery? A Detailed Advice Guide

In the face of data loss, we advise immediately turning off your Solid State Drive (SSD). Keeping it powered down prevents further damage and improves data recovery chances. Data loss can be distressing, but our knowledgeable team at Zero Alpha is here to help. Reach us on our hotline at 1300 001 211 for professional advice. Our first counsel? Don't panic. SSDs are complex devices; better to keep it off and avoid exacerbating the issue.

Avoid advice from well-meaning but unqualified individuals and resist the urge to use DIY solutions. Amateur attempts often lead to irreversible damage. See The Data Recovery wall of shame if you don't believe us. Internet tools and free software like SSD recovery tools or disk checks like Windows Checkdisk or Mac First Aid are ill-equipped to handle complex SSD issues, often causing data rearrangement or permanent data loss. Remember, the chances of successful data recovery are highest when the drive remains in its original condition.

Exercise caution with websites claiming expert SSD recovery services. Deceptive practices include the use of stock photos and boasts of unrealistic success rates. These outlets often outsource data recovery to unvetted locations, overcharge, or employ non-professional equipment, risking your valuable data further. Click on The Data Recovery wall of shame to see what we're talking about. Trust only certified professionals like Zero Alpha for your data recovery needs.

Can you recover data from my ssd?

Absolutely! At Zero Alpha, we are experts in SSD data recovery. We begin by diagnosing your device in our advanced data recovery lab, offering a free initial assessment. We believe in transparency, hence all our rates are clearly outlined and depend on the problem's complexity. As Australia's most cost-effective professional data recovery service, we assure you a strategic action plan to retrieve your files.

Once we identify the issue, we equip you with comprehensive information on the recovery process. Leveraging our direct access to diagnostic equipment from all manufacturers, we can accurately diagnose your device or media. Our extensive experience, coupled with our world-class tools, gives us an edge over local repair stores, ensuring higher success rates.

We recover data from any brands: Samsung, Crucial, Kingston, Sandisk, Intel, Western Digital, Toshiba, Corsair, Adata

What is your SSD Data Recovery Success Rate?

Professional data recovery services like ours typically boast high success rates. While the most challenging cases involve severely damaged, low-quality media, we thrive on such challenges. We have a track record of successful recoveries from the most intricate cases, including high-profile court cases, celebrity requests, government, business, and the professional IT industry. Trust Zero Alpha to retrieve your valuable data with utmost care and professionalism.

SSD Data Recovery Cost

Zero Alpha is Australia's lowest price PROFESSIONAL data recovery service. Once we know what is wrong with your media we can tell you how much it will cost and how long it will take to recover your data. We were the FIRST Company in Australia to be officially certified in data recovery. 

Free Initial Assessment

Our staff are highly experienced to diagnose the problem with your media. We have all manufacturers diagnostic equipment and can determine what is wrong with your drive. The initial assessment is free and only takes us 5 minutes to test your drive.














Our data recovery prices are simple flat rates. We quote based on the problem with the SSD. Level 1 & 2 is for software issues and Level 3 & 4 is for hardware problems. Depending on how bad your drive is will depend on which price you will get quoted. Most of our prices are no data no pay. This means that in a rare situations, if we do not get data back from a drive then we do not charge for the service. All our prices include goods and services tax. We also have Australia's largest spare parts inventory which is available to our competitors. 

How long does data recovery take?


1 to 4 Weeks Average


Rapid ASAP

Rapid response including afterhours


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Experience matters! Professional data recovery service since 1999
We have the World's most advanced data recovery technology
Lowest priced affordable data recovery in Australia.
Most preferred data recovery company for Home, Business & Government
If it stores data we can help regardless of the problem
100% Aussie owned & operated.
We give an honest FREE appraisal of your hard drive
We're not just computer science nerds at Zero Alpha, our team is fun and passionate about what we do.
First company in Australia officially certified in data recovery technology
University qualified in computer science.

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Yes, we are Australia's most advanced SSD data recovery service, call us on 1300 001 211.

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Yes. We can provide fast turnaround data recovery service to our customers.

We are Australia's lowest priced professional data recovery service. We quote off a simple flat rate pricing table depending on the problem with your drive. If you find a cheaper quote anywhere else please call us on 1300 001 211 so we can beat it.

Yes. Our data recovery service can assist with all brands and types of solid state drives.

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Reserve Bank of Australia
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Fire & Emergency Services.

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