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Our Data Recovery Services

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hard drive data recovery

Hard Drive

We get data back from HDD failure
Western Digital | Seagate | Toshiba | Samsung
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Unbeatable success
raid data recovery


We are server data recovery specialists for all types of multi drive systems. RAID, NAS & SAN
Brisbane - Sydney - Melbourne
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phone data recovery


Apple iPhone  | Samsung Galaxy
Water damaged phone data recovery
We recover data from phones that wont turn on
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ssd data recovery


Solid State Drive data recovery. SSD not detected, SSD Deleted files, SSD software and hardware data recovery. Samsung Evo, Crucial, Intel, WD, Silicon Power & Kingston.
usb data recovery


We get files back from faulty and damaged USB flash drives. Has your USB drive stopped working? or no longer detected? Deleted, formatted or corrupted? Click to see our USB data recovery services
camera data recovery

Memory Card

We get photos back from faulty and damaged Memory Cards. Has your SD memory card stopped working? or no longer detected? Deleted, formatted or corrupted? Sandisk, Verbatim Toshiba.


Brisbane Data Recovery Locations

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Brisbane QLD

Zero Alpha

Level 3 / 240 Queen Street

Brisbane City QLD 4000

Opposite the Apple Store
Deliveries: Zero Alpha / Christie Spaces, GPO Box 2398, BRISBANE QLD 4001

📞 07 3036 7651 Please Call For Appointments

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Brisbane North QLD

Zero Alpha

2491 Sandgate Road

Boondall QLD 4034

Opposite Ice Skating

📞 07 3741 3938 Please Call For Appointments

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data recovery brisbane hard drive recovery
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Common Data Recovery Solutions

recovering data from a failed hard drive inside a clean room

Hard Drive Data Recovery

Are you facing data loss issues with your Western Digital, Seagate, Toshiba, or any other hard drive brand? We understand the frustration caused by common problems such as physical damage, logical failure, bad sectors, firmware issues, clicking noises, undetected drives, overheating, file corruption, accidental deletion, or virus attacks. Our team specialises in USB and SATA interfaces, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of hard drives. With state-of-the-art tools and cleanroom environments, we can tackle the most challenging situations. Whether it's a dropped Western Digital drive, a clicking Seagate disk, or a corrupted Toshiba file system, we have the expertise to recover your data.

ssd data recovery demo

SSD Data Recovery

Our SSD data recovery service is your solution for recovering valuable data from brands like Samsung, Crucial, Kingston, and SanDisk, among others. We understand the top 10 problems associated with SSDs, including physical damage, logical failure, bad sectors, firmware issues, overheating, file corruption, accidental deletion, undetected drives, virus attacks, and power surges. With our expertise in SSD recovery, we employ advanced techniques and cutting-edge technology to ensure the highest chances of success. Whether it's a crashed Samsung SSD, a corrupted Crucial file system, or a damaged SanDisk drive, our skilled professionals are equipped to retrieve your data securely and efficiently. Trust us to handle your SSD data recovery needs with utmost care and expertise.

error message: the disk you inserted was not detected

RAID Server Data Recovery

Looking for reliable RAID data recovery services for your NAS, SAN, or other server systems? Look no further! Our team specializes in RAID data recovery for brands like Dell, HP, IBM, and Synology, among others. We understand the unique challenges that can arise, including RAID controller failures, disk failures, data corruption, accidental formatting, and RAID configuration issues. Whether you have a RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, or RAID 10 setup, our experienced technicians are equipped with the expertise and cutting-edge tools to recover your valuable data. With our meticulous approach and commitment to confidentiality, we strive to deliver successful and secure RAID data recovery solutions tailored to your specific needs. Trust us to handle your RAID data recovery needs with utmost professionalism and efficiency.

data recovery phones including samsung android and apple iphone

Phone Data Recovery

If you're facing data loss issues on your phone, whether it's an iPhone, Samsung, Google Pixel, or any other brand, our phone data recovery service is here to help. We understand the common problems that can occur, such as accidental deletion, water damage, physical damage, software issues, factory resets, and system crashes. Our team of experts possesses the knowledge and advanced tools necessary to retrieve your valuable data. From recovering lost photos, videos, contacts, messages, and more, we specialise in restoring data on various phone brands and operating systems. Trust us to handle your phone data recovery needs with precision and confidentiality, ensuring the highest chances of successful data retrieval. Contact us now to get started on recovering your important files and memories.

usb not detected data recovery

USB Data Recovery

When it comes to USB data recovery, our specialised service caters to a wide range of brand names, including Kingston, SanDisk, Lexar, and Samsung, among others. We understand the common problems associated with USB devices, such as accidental deletion, file corruption, physical damage, and unrecognised USB drives. Whether it's a USB flash drive, USB external hard drive, or USB memory stick, our experienced technicians possess the expertise and cutting-edge tools to recover your valuable data. From photos and videos to documents and software, we strive to retrieve your important files with utmost precision and efficiency. Trust us to handle your USB data recovery needs and regain access to your crucial data securely.

sd memory card data recovery

SD Memory Card Data Recovery

When it comes to memory data recovery, our specialised service covers a wide range of brand names, including Kingston, SanDisk, Lexar, and Samsung, among others. We understand the common problems associated with memory cards, such as accidental formatting, file corruption, physical damage, and data inaccessibility. Whether it's a CompactFlash (CF) card, Secure Digital (SD) card, microSD card, or any other type of memory card, our experienced technicians have the expertise and advanced tools to recover your lost data. From photos and videos to documents and music, we strive to retrieve your valuable memories and files with utmost care and efficiency. Trust us to handle your memory data recovery needs and restore your precious data securely.

Data Recovery Advice

In the event of data loss, we strongly advise you to power off your drive immediately. By keeping your hard drive turned off, you can prevent any additional damage from occurring. We understand that experiencing data loss can be distressing, and we're here to help ease your concerns. Feel free to reach out to our friendly hotline at 1300 001 211 for expert advice on the next steps to take. Remember, the most important thing is to remain calm. Hard drives are intricate and delicate devices, so keeping it turned off is crucial.

Steer clear of unqualified friends, family members, or internet suggestions when it comes to data recovery. While their intentions may be good, following their unqualified advice can lead to risky experiments that might exacerbate the problem. It's best to avoid relying on internet apps, such as Windows check disk or Mac first aid disk check. These applications lack the sophistication required to handle faulty drives and may inadvertently cause data rearrangement, potentially resulting in permanent data loss or making the data recovery process more expensive than necessary. To achieve the highest level of success in data recovery, it's essential to leave the drive in its most original condition.

Exercise caution when encountering websites that claim to be experts in data recovery. These websites often employ fake "Stock" photos and boast exaggerated success rates to mislead unsuspecting individuals. These charlatans are notorious for outsourcing drives to unknown locations, overcharging their customers, or attempting data recovery without utilising professional equipment. Click on The Data Recovery wall of shame to see how common this problem is and the consequences of what happens when a charlatan destroys your data. It's crucial to rely on reputable and trustworthy data recovery professionals who have the expertise, resources, and genuine commitment to deliver the best possible outcome for your data recovery needs.

Are you in need of data recovery services for your drive?

We specialise in tackling even the most intricate data retrieval challenges. Our state-of-the-art data recovery lab is dedicated to diagnosing issues with your media, and the best part is, we offer a FREE initial assessment. Our pricing structure is transparent, with simple flat rates based on the specific problem you're facing. As Australia's most affordable professional data recovery service, we're committed to delivering outstanding value. Our team will devise a comprehensive action plan to retrieve your valuable files. Once we've identified the root cause of the problem with your drive, we'll provide you with all the necessary details for a secure and successful data recovery. Through our direct access to cutting-edge diagnostic equipment from leading manufacturers, we possess the ability to pinpoint the precise issues affecting your device or media. With years of experience under our belt, we're well-equipped to handle any data recovery challenge that comes our way. Our laboratory is equipped with the finest tools available worldwide, setting us apart from your average local computer repair store and giving our dedicated data recovery service a significant advantage for achieving successful outcomes.

What is your Success Rate?

When it comes to professional data recovery, rest assured that our success rate is exceptionally high. The vast majority of cases can be successfully recovered, bringing you peace of mind. Even the most challenging scenarios arise when dealing with low-quality, inexpensive media that has endured significant damage. However, we have a remarkable track record of retrieving data from these difficult cases. In fact, our expertise has been trusted by high-profile court cases, esteemed celebrities, government entities, businesses, and the professional IT industry. Our proven ability to deliver successful outcomes in such critical situations is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence in data recovery.

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Experience matters! Professional data recovery service since 1999
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Most preferred data recovery company for Home, Business & Government
If it stores data we can help regardless of the problem
100% Aussie owned & operated.
We give an honest FREE appraisal of your hard drive
We're not just computer science nerds at Zero Alpha, our team is fun and passionate about what we do.
First company in Australia officially certified in data recovery technology
University qualified in computer science.

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Yes, we provide professional, secure data recovery services in Brisbane. So, if you’re based in the Brisbane Northside, Southside or City and you’re looking to recover your data, call us on 1300 001 211.

Yes. All our work is performed at our Brisbane data recovery office.

Yes. You can collect your media or we can deliver it to you.

Yes. We can provide fast turnaround data recovery service to our Brisbane customers.

We are Brisbane's lowest priced professional data recovery service. We quote off a simple flat rate pricing table depending on the problem with your drive. If you find a cheaper quote anywhere else please call us on 1300 001 211 so we can beat it.

Yes. Our Brisbane data recovery service can assist with all brands and types of media.

Our Clients

recovering data from a bank server


Reserve Bank of Australia
Server Data Recovery

police data recovery


Queensland Police Service
Criminal Investigation Branch
High Profile Forensic data recovery

government data recovery


Hospitals, Universities and Education.
Apple & Windows Server RAID recovery.
Fire & Emergency Services.

Air Services Australia

Air Traffic Control Tower
Brisbane Airport
Hard disk drive data recovery

journalist data recovery

The Daily Telegraph


Phone Data recovery

tv station data recovery

TV Station

Data recovery for Studios & Producers
of popular TV Shows

brisbane city council data recovery

Brisbane City Council

Data recovery for City Council
Hard drive data recovery

department of veteran affairs data recovery

Department of Veteran Affairs

Hardware data recovery
Compact Flash Card data recovery

destination nsw data recovery

Destination NSW

Data Recovery for tourism NSW
Hard disk data recovery

james cook university data recovery

James Cook University

Townsville Campus
Macbook data recovery

western sydney university data recovery

Western Sydney University

Penrith Campus
Hard drive data recovery

univesity of queensland data recovery

The Univesity of Queensland

Hard disks data recovery
SSD data recovery

charity data recovery

Deadly Connections

Data recovery for charity organisation
Hard drive data recovery

queensland african communities council data recovery

Queensland African Communities Council

Data recovery for non-profit organisation
Usb data recovery

queensland perfoming art centre data recovery

Queensland Perfoming Arts Centre

NAS system data recovery
Data recovery for theatre

queensland fire and emergency services data recovery

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services

Hard disk data recovery
Data recovery for fire and emergency services

southern cross austereo data recovery

Southern Cross Austereo

Data recovery for the largest radio and tv broadcaster in Australia
Hard disk data recovery

kfc data recovery


Data recovery for giant restaurant chain
Hard disk data recovery