Samsung S2 Portable Hard Drive 640GB Data Recovery

The Samsung S2 Portable Hard Drive with a storage capacity of 640GB was a compact and highly portable external storage solution, designed for the secure storage and easy transport of data. Typically equipped with a USB interface, it allowed for a straightforward connection to both Windows and macOS computers, with potential support for USB 3.0 for faster data transfer speeds. These drives were known for their sleek and stylish design, often drawing power directly from the USB connection, making them ideal for users on the go. While it may have included backup or encryption software, prices could vary depending on the specific model and features. 

The internal hard drive is the SAMSUNG HM641JX and requires a USB Type-B connectors to connect to this type of hard drive.

Samsung S2 Portable Hard Drive 640GB

A customer came into our service with a Samsung S2 Portable hard drive which was more than 10 years old looking for old data. After no luck using an online data recovery program, they brought it into Zero Alpha Data Recovery for their expertise and specialised system. From a detailed scan, Zero Alpha could see file names and folders that were years old. Providing information such as file and folder names, as well as file extensions, is very important for data recovery, as it serves as a crucial roadmap to reconstructing lost or inaccessible data. When files are deleted or become corrupted, these details help data recovery software and specialists identify and restore the specific files needed. Moreover, file extensions play a pivotal role in recognizing the file type and the appropriate recovery methods. By accurately conveying this information, the chances of successfully recovering valuable data are significantly enhanced, ensuring that essential files and documents can be rescued in cases of accidental deletion or data loss.

Case Log

08Nov23 - Attempted to scan hard drive. Could see many folder and file names, including a few in extra found folders that may be useful. Attempting overnight full detailed scan.

09Nov23 - Detailed scan crashed. Attempting another scan to find all folders and files.