Simplecom SE331 External Hard Drive Enclosure Data Recovery

The Simplecom SE331 Aluminium 3.5'' SATA to USB-C External Hard Drive Enclosure combines sleek design with reliable functionality, offering a convenient solution for expanding storage capacity and enhancing data mobility. Crafted from durable aluminum, the enclosure not only provides effective heat dissipation but also ensures a lightweight and sturdy housing for your 3.5'' SATA hard drive. The USB-C interface facilitates high-speed data transfer and universal compatibility, while the tool-free installation design makes it easy to set up and swap out drives effortlessly. With support for large-capacity storage devices, this enclosure is ideal for users seeking a reliable and efficient way to access, transfer, and protect their data. Whether for backup purposes, file sharing, or simply extending the lifespan of an older hard drive, the Simplecom SE331 offers a seamless and stylish solution for all your external storage needs.

Inside was a Seagate ST3000DM003 part of the F3 Arch family.

Simplecom SE331 External Hard Drive Enclosure

A customer came in with a Seagate hard drive more than 10 years old that came out of a PC and was used in a Simplecom SE331 External Hard Drive Enclosure until it was not able to be detected anymore using the enclosure. This problem can be due to a faulty enclosure, power problem or a potential issue with the aging Seagate hard drive itself. It's not uncommon for hard drives to exhibit signs of wear and tear over time, and in this case, the drive may have reached the end of its operational life. Alternatively, the Seagate hard drive might have experienced internal failures, such as a malfunctioning disk controller or damaged sectors, rendering it unreadable. With the assiatnce of the Zero Alpha Engineers, the data from this hard drive can be recoverable using specialised systems.

Data Recovery Case Log

16Nov23 - Keeps busy and no ID.


Boot 0x40M
 Spin Up

Rst 0x40M
 MC Internal LPC Process
 Spin Up
(P) SATA Reset

 MCMainPOR: Start: 
 Check MCMT Version: Current
 MCMainPOR: Non-Init Case
Reconstruction: MCMT Reconstruction Start 
  Max number of MC segments 0A61
 Nonvolatile MCMT sequence number 0000766B
 [RSRS] 00F8
Reconstruction: Completed 1: 
 MCMainPOR: MCTStateFlags 0000012A  MCStateFlags 0000D141
 MCMainPOR: Feature Enabled...

Starting LBA of RW Request=000000000008795F  Length=00000164
ProcessRWError -Read-   at LBA 000000000008795F  Sense Code=43110081
Starting LBA of RW Request=0000000000087963  Length=00000160
ProcessRWError -Read-   at LBA 0000000000087963  Sense Code=43110081
Starting LBA of RW Request=0000000000087967  Length=0000015C
ProcessRWError -Read-   at LBA 0000000000087967  Sense Code=43110081
Starting LBA of RW Request=000000000008796B  Length=00000158
ProcessRWError -Read-   at LBA 000000000008796B  Sense Code=43110081
Starting LBA of RW Request=000000000008796F  Length=00000154