Toshiba MQ01UBB200 2TB Data Recovery

In the modern digital age, our lives are increasingly reliant on digital data storage devices, and hard drives play a pivotal role in safeguarding our important files, memories, and work-related information. However, these fragile devices are not immune to accidents, and one of the most common mishaps is the accidental drop of a hard drive. In this article, we delve into a remarkable data recovery story involving a Toshiba MQ01UBB200 2TB hard drive that suffered a significant impact from a fall. Thanks to the expertise of Zero Alpha Data Recovery, the data was successfully recovered by changing the master head assembly.

The Toshiba MQ01UBB200 2TB Hard Drive

toshiba 2tb mq01ubb200 AY000U data recovery

The Toshiba MQ01UBB200 is a 2TB internal hard drive known for its reliability and storage capacity. It is commonly used in laptops, desktops, and external storage solutions, making it a popular choice for consumers and professionals alike. However, despite its robust construction, no hard drive is entirely immune to physical damage, particularly when subjected to a sudden and forceful drop.

The Impact of the Drop

The hard drive in question suffered a severe impact when it was accidentally dropped. This impact can cause various issues within the drive, including damage to the platters, read/write heads, or the drive's internal components. In many cases, such impacts can lead to the loss of data, making data recovery a critical and challenging process.

Zero Alpha Data Recovery: The Experts at Work

Zero Alpha Data Recovery is a renowned data recovery service provider known for its expertise in recovering data from physically damaged hard drives. When presented with the damaged Toshiba MQ01UBB200 hard drive, their team of skilled engineers and technicians embarked on a meticulous and complex data recovery process.

Changing the Master Head Assembly

One of the most critical components within a hard drive is the read/write head assembly, often referred to as the "master head assembly." This component is responsible for reading and writing data to the platters inside the drive. In cases of severe physical damage, the head assembly can become misaligned or damaged, rendering the drive unreadable and preventing data access.

In this particular case, Zero Alpha Data Recovery determined that the head assembly was the primary point of failure due to the impact. To recover the data, they opted to change the master head assembly, a highly delicate and precise procedure that requires a sterile environment and specialized equipment.

The Success Story

The decision to change the head assembly proved to be a critical turning point in the data recovery process. After successfully replacing the damaged head assembly with a compatible and functioning one, the engineers at Zero Alpha Data Recovery meticulously rebuilt the hard drive to its original state.

Upon powering up the restored hard drive, the team was thrilled to find that it was functioning correctly. They were able to access and retrieve the data from the drive, much to the relief of the client who had faced the prospect of losing invaluable files and documents.


The case of the Toshiba MQ01UBB200 2TB hard drive is a testament to the remarkable capabilities of data recovery experts like Zero Alpha Data Recovery. Accidental drops and physical damage can be catastrophic for hard drives, but with the right expertise and specialized equipment, it is often possible to salvage valuable data and memories. While prevention is always the best strategy, it's reassuring to know that there are professionals who can come to the rescue when disaster strikes, ensuring that our digital lives remain intact.

Case log:

The drive has been dropped and significantly damaged inside. The hard drive has been to a computer shop where they could not retrieve the data. The drive was missing a screw on the magnet. There were fingerprints on the heads.

USB pcb was G003309A. SATA Convert to G003235C.

MHA swap. Patient was made on 07NOV2014,donor was made on 15MAR2015,same drive revision and factory. Read through utility in task. Got data back.

Comparison of good (on the left) Toshiba drive and dropped (on the right) drive inside

comparison of good and dropped toshiba drive inside