G-Speed Shuttle Data Recovery after failure

Zero Alpha can recover data from all G-Technology raid systems using the G-Speed trademark. If your NAS system has failed we can help recover data.

Data recovery from the G-SPEED™Shuttle with Thunderbolt™3 device delivers ideal storage for demanding workflows.

Transportable, 4-bay RAID storage optimized for 4K and 8K workflows to edit multi camera footage in real time, render multi-layer effects, and quickly export with incredible efficiency.

System had problem and user had removed a drive to break the stripe syncing.

Data recovery from g-speed shuttle hard drives

Drive was setup for apple mac by joining 2 large drives together to form a 22tb system.

G-Speed shuttle not recognised

Single drives did not detect inside Asus motherboard. Drives would not spin for windows and bios was checked on each port

g-speed raid settings