Synology DiskStation DS414 Data Recovery

Synology DiskStation DS414 Data recovery service: offering solutions for an array of problems from RAID failures and volume corruption to hard disk drive (HDD) failures and more.

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RAID Failures

With Synology DiskStation DS414's Synology Hybrid RAID (SHR) or standard RAID configurations, data loss can be devastating. Our team has the tools and expertise to diagnose and address RAID-related issues, and recover your critical data efficiently and securely.

Volume Corruption

Volume corruption is another common cause of data loss in Synology DiskStation DS414. Our experts can analyze the corruption issue and implement the necessary recovery procedures to regain access to your data.

Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Failures

If you're experiencing HDD failures or errors with your Synology DiskStation DS414, we can help. Our team is experienced in diagnosing and addressing HDD issues, facilitating successful data recovery.

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Data Loss from DiskStation Manager (DSM) Updates

Software updates can sometimes lead to unexpected data loss. We offer services to recover data lost due to DiskStation Manager (DSM) updates, ensuring your files are restored safely.

Deleted Files Recovery

Accidentally deleted files? We can help. Our experts have the skills to restore lost files, safeguarding your valuable information.

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Data Recovery Log:

05Aug23: This unit had 4 drives with 2 drives failed. The user had an indication to change one drive out for rebuild but the unit was still failed. It is likely that one drive had already historically failed before the second unit shut the unit down. One drive was worse than the other. The rebuilt drive was removed and this raid storage was rebuild virtually. This system uses linux mdadm with a 64kb left symmetric assembly. The name of the raid is "DiskStation:2". The volume is managed by Linux LVM2 and named vg1000-lv. The file systme is linux extended and was in good condition on re-assembly. The volume group has 2 spanned partitions: vg1000-lv-seg001 and vg1000-lv-seg002. User data was stored in the second partition.The label is 1.42.6-24922.