Synology DiskStation DS718+ 2-Bay NAS Data Recovery

DS718+ is susceptible to data loss due to various factors, including hardware failure, power surges, or software errors. In cases where data redundancy is implemented using RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) configurations like RAID 0 (striping), a single drive failure can lead to the loss of entire volumes of data.

synology ds718plus data recovery

Data Recovery Process

When the Synology DiskStation DS718+ 2-Bay NAS went offline due to a drive failure, the client turned to Zero Alpha Data Recovery for assistance. Upon receiving the NAS system, our team of experts embarked on a comprehensive data recovery process to salvage the critical data stored within.

  1. Assessment and Diagnosis: The first step involved assessing the extent of the data loss and diagnosing the underlying cause of the system failure. Our technicians meticulously examined the NAS hardware, including the hard drives, controller, and other components, to identify any signs of damage or malfunction.

  2. Drive Imaging and Analysis: With the NAS drives configured in a striped RAID array, it was crucial to create disk images of each drive to preserve the data integrity and prevent further loss. Using specialized imaging tools, we captured sector-by-sector copies of the drives, allowing us to analyse the data structures and identify the RAID configuration.

  3. RAID Reconstruction: With the drive images in hand, our data recovery specialists proceeded to reconstruct the RAID array to access the data stored across multiple drives. By analyzing the parity information and block-level data distribution, we were able to rebuild the RAID array and recover the lost data.

  4. Data Extraction and Verification: Once the RAID array was successfully reconstructed, we extracted the data and verified its integrity to ensure that all critical files were intact. Our technicians meticulously reviewed the recovered data to identify any inconsistencies or errors, conducting multiple verification checks to guarantee accuracy.

  5. synology ds718+ data recovery

Data Recovery Success

Despite the complexity of the striped RAID configuration and the offline status of the NAS system, Zero Alpha Data Recovery was able to successfully recover all data stored within the Synology DiskStation DS718+. Through our expertise, advanced tools, and relentless dedication, we restored business-critical data, enabling our client to resume operations with minimal disruption.


The successful data recovery from the Synology DiskStation DS718+ 2-Bay NAS serves as a testament to the effectiveness of professional data recovery services in restoring business continuity. In situations where data loss poses a significant threat to operations, entrusting the recovery process to experienced professionals like Zero Alpha Data Recovery can make all the difference. With our proven track record of success and commitment to excellence, we stand ready to help businesses navigate the challenges of data loss and emerge stronger than ever.