Alcatel U5 4047A Data Recovery

Power button must be held for 5 seconds to boot.

Will not boot on PSU.

Charges at 2.5W

Phone will not boot without battery, even if connected to charger.

Patient battery measured 3.6V. Donor battery measured 3.8V

  • Swapped motherboard to working phone. Battery shows that it might be charging but phone just vibrates once and shows no life.
  • Donor motherboard will boot in patient assembly with donor battery.
  • Patient battery only draws 0.07A on both phone assemblies.
  • No response from charging patient battery. Must be faulty.
  • Reverse engineered test points. Patient phone only shows 4.6V at 5V test point for usb. 1.8V missing from 4th battery. All other test points detect as the same.Β Make Note that this 5V area has been damaged by a previous technician who has poorly removed a shield.
  • Connected Lab PSU to 5V test point and donor phone will charge and boot. But will turn off with battery removed. With battery removed all test points same values.

Alcatel U5 4047A battery

Battery operating voltage is 3.8v to VCC.

alcatel 4047a schematic diagram data recovery

All logic values match working donor phone and faulty patient phone.

All electronics show same test values as working phone.

No publically available debugging tools.Β Unable to test firmware