Sandisk Extreme 128gb SD Memory Card Data Recovery

SanDisk Extreme 128GB SD Memory Card, renowned for its speed, durability, and high-capacity storage. However, despite its robust build, data loss can sometimes occur due to a variety of unforeseen circumstances, like accidental deletion, physical damage, or a technical glitch.

When this happens, you can count on Zero Alpha's comprehensive data recovery services. We have a proven track record of successful data recovery from numerous types of storage devices, including the SanDisk Extreme 128GB SD Memory Card. This article explores the methodical process we undertake to retrieve your lost data.

Sandisk Extreme 128gb SD Memory Card Data Recovery

Diagnosis and Evaluation

First, we need to understand the problem. Once we receive your SanDisk Extreme 128GB SD Memory Card, our team of experts commences a detailed analysis to identify the cause of data loss. This could range from logical issues like corrupt files or accidental deletion, to physical damage to the card. We employ advanced diagnostic tools for this analysis and provide you with a thorough report of the card's condition along with an estimated recovery timeframe.

Creation of Disk Image

To ensure the highest chance of data recovery and to protect your SD card from further damage during the recovery process, we create a bit-for-bit disk image of your SanDisk Extreme SD card. This process involves making an exact copy of all the data present on the SD card, regardless of its condition.

Data Recovery

For logical errors, we utilize powerful software tools designed to recover deleted files, repair corrupt sectors, and address other software-level issues. Our team of specialists is trained to handle various file systems like FAT32, NTFS, HFS+, etc., which are commonly used in SD cards. We use advanced algorithms that scan the cloned data to restore lost files, reconstruct the file structure, and thus recover the inaccessible data.

For physical issues, we follow a more complex approach. Our data recovery labs are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including cleanroom facilities, which are crucial when handling the minute physical components of an SD card. In situations where the SD card has hardware damage, our technicians carefully open the card and perform necessary repairs or transplantations.

Verification and Validation

Once the recovery process is complete, we verify the recovered data's integrity to ensure its usability. Our team checks the recovered data against common file formats to validate its completeness and functionality.

Secure Data Return

Finally, once we confirm that the data has been successfully recovered, we return it to you via a secure, encrypted medium to protect your privacy and the data's integrity. Our customer service team is always available to guide you through the process of safely accessing your recovered data.

At Zero Alpha, our mission is to relieve the stress of data loss by providing a reliable, efficient, and high-quality data recovery service. We understand the nuances of complex storage devices like the SanDisk Extreme 128GB SD Memory Card and are ready to help you retrieve your valuable data, always treating it with the confidentiality and care it deserves.

SanDisk 128GB SD Memory Card Data Recovery Case Log

31Jul23: The above sandisk sd card was physically damaged. The inside is a monolithic chip which we could not get to detect on a reader. We connected wires directly to the data ports and we're able to recover data successfully. Voltage auto detected at 3.60v. We could not get pins to work with VDD and ground so we soldered them directly for a successful intialisation.

broken sandisk sd card was extracted for data recovery connected wires direct

Here is a copy of log:

Item count = 4
Task parameters saving: 31/07/2023 11:14:56 AM
Item count = 4
[31.07.2023 11:21:15]: Wrong pin state:: 2,
[31.07.2023 11:21:18]: Wrong pin state:: 24,
[31.07.2023 11:21:22]: Wrong pin state:: 25,SD CARD Init FAIL!
Item count = 4
Item count = 4
Item count = 4
[31.07.2023 11:24:38]: Init Mode...............: SD
[31.07.2023 11:24:38]: Interface Init..........: OK!
[31.07.2023 11:24:38]: 80Z.....................: OK!
[31.07.2023 11:24:38]: CMD0....................: OK!
[31.07.2023 11:24:38]: CMD8....................: OK!
[31.07.2023 11:24:38]: ACMD41..................: 
[31.07.2023 11:24:45]: No answer to the commend!
[31.07.2023 11:24:46]: SD CARD Init FAIL!
Item count = 4
Item count = 4
Item count = 4
Item count = 4
Item count = 4
[31.07.2023 11:26:13]: Wrong pin state:: 24,
[31.07.2023 11:26:17]: Wrong pin state:: 25,
Task parameters saving: 31/07/2023 11:31:21 AM
[31.07.2023 11:40:34]: Sector 000000000 READ FAIL!... ReInit Card...(1 / 3)..OK!
[31.07.2023 11:40:51]: Sector 000000128 READ FAIL!... ReInit Card...(1 / 3)..OK!
[31.07.2023 11:41:06]: Sector 000000002 READ FAIL!... ReInit Card...(1 / 3)..OK!
Item count = 4
Item count = 4
[31.07.2023 11:41:43]: VCC: 3.600 INIT OK!
Item count = 4
[31.07.2023 11:42:03]: Sector 000000000 READ FAIL!... ReInit Card...(1 / 3)..OK!
Read with errors
[31.07.2023 11:42:18]: Sector 000000001 READ FAIL!... ReInit Card...(1 / 3)..OK!
[31.07.2023 11:42:29]: Sector 000000001 READ FAIL!... ReInit Card...(1 / 3)..OK!
Read with errors
Item count = 4
Item count = 4

Soldered VDD and VSS here
oem_namer                 = EXFAT   
partition_offset          =  32 768
block_count               = 249 704 448
fat_offset                =  16 384
fat_block_count           =  16 384
cluster_heap_offset       =  32 768
cluster_count             =  975 280
rootdir_cluster           =   4
volume_serial             =   0
fs_version                =   256
block size                =   512
blocks per cluster        =   256
fat_count                 =   1
percent_in_use            =   22
boot_signaturer           = AA55