Seagate One Touch 5TB ST5000LM000 2AN170-566 3FRAPL-500 Data Recovery

The Seagate One Touch 5TB ST5000LM000 stands as a testament to the ever-growing need for reliable data storage in our digital world. As an external hard drive acclaimed for its portability and expansive storage capacity, it has become a favoured choice for individuals and businesses seeking to safeguard their valuable data. Nevertheless, in the face of unforeseen events, such as accidental deletions or hardware malfunctions, the risk of data loss is ever-present. In such critical moments, Zero Alpha emerges as the guiding light for those seeking to recover their irreplaceable data. As a leading data recovery service provider, Zero Alpha specializes in reviving crucial information from a variety of storage devices, including the Seagate One Touch ST5000LM000. In this article, we explore the unparalleled data recovery solutions offered by Zero Alpha, providing a lifeline to those grappling with the prospect of data loss from this specific Seagate model.

Seagate One Touch 5TB ST5000LM000 2AN170-566 3FRAPL-500 Data Recovery

Understanding the Seagate One Touch 5TB ST5000LM000

The Seagate One Touch 5TB ST5000LM000 is a highly sought-after external hard drive renowned for its sleek design, massive storage capacity, and convenience for storing vast amounts of data. Popular among professionals, businesses, and everyday users, this Seagate model serves as a reliable repository for documents, photos, videos, and backups. Despite Seagate's commitment to quality, no storage device is entirely immune to potential data loss. Accidental deletion, physical damage, power surges, and other unforeseen circumstances can lead to the loss of essential data, leaving users grappling with distress and uncertainty.

Zero Alpha's Specialized Data Recovery Solutions

In times of data loss crisis, Zero Alpha emerges as a leading data recovery service provider, equipped with a team of highly skilled technicians and cutting-edge technology. The company's expertise extends to a wide range of storage devices, including the Seagate One Touch 5TB ST5000LM000. Below, we outline the steps Zero Alpha takes to recover data from this specific Seagate model:

  1. Thorough Evaluation:

When a customer approaches Zero Alpha with a data recovery request for their Seagate One Touch 5TB ST

ST5000LM000 Data Recovery Case Log

seagate barracuda 5tb ST5000LM000 2AN170-566 data recovery

Terminal Error Output:

Flash boot code Digital Signature Verification failure!
SEA5 Boot ROM 1.0 (7/31/2015)
Copyright Seagate 2015

31Jul23: The drive is failing to initialise and defaults to boot rom loader mode. Customer explains that this hard drive has been to another business where data recovery has failed. This problem is well known for incorrect rom chips. We inspected the electronics for potential interference and found damage done to the pcb.

seagate flash boot code digital signature failed data recovery. rom not soldered correctly

It's very clear that an inexperienced technician has been tampering with this drive. We found scratches all over the PCB. These scratches are a clear indication that somebody hasn't been taking proper care of the PCB. There is heat damage done to the spindle motor connector. This demonstrates someone who is inexperienced with soldering. Heat should never damage a PCB. The BIOS chip has been physically tampered with. It is out of position and not making correct contact with the PCB. This is likely the reason for the terminal error message output.

Tested ROM chip is correct serial ID WINBOND 25Q16JWS10 2048KB

With rom correctly soldered pcb only: Boot 0x80MMD52L20001

PCB Connected to drive:
Boot 0x80MMD52L20001    

Rst 0x80MMD52L20001    
(P) SATA Reset

Family is A1, M11 Boot Rom Mode is accessible

Seagate BarraCuda 5TB ST5000LM000-2AN170 Data Recovery Case Log

13May24: This hard drive had zero activity at all. No signs of spinning up or LED activity. It was removed from the enclosure which is a USB plug. It tested ok via SATA mode.

seagate barracuda 5tb st5000lm000 2an170 566 how to open for data recovery