Seagate ST1000DM003 1TB Data Recovery

Common problems with Seagate ST1000DM003 1TB hard drives and how to recover data.

seagate st1000dm003 1tb hard drive data recovery 1sb102 hph4

1. Physical Damage:

One of the most severe issues affecting data recovery is physical damage to the hard drive. Accidental drops, exposure to water or fire, electrical surges, or manufacturing defects can result in a damaged drive. This physical damage might cause the drive to be inaccessible or make unusual clicking or grinding noises, rendering the data retrieval process challenging.

2. Logical Errors and File Corruption:

Logical errors within the drive's file system can occur due to abrupt power loss, improper shutdowns, virus attacks, or software malfunctions. These errors can lead to file corruption, making it difficult to access or retrieve data stored on the Seagate ST1000DM003.

3. Firmware Issues:

Firmware acts as the bridge between hardware and software on the hard drive. Any issues with the firmware, such as corruption or outdated firmware, can impede the drive's functionality and cause data loss or inaccessibility.

4. Bad Sectors:

Bad sectors on the Seagate ST1000DM003 can occur due to physical damage, aging, or other factors. These sectors become unreadable, leading to data loss or drive instability. Recovering data from bad sectors requires specialized tools and expertise.

5. Accidental Deletion or Formatting:

Human errors, such as accidental deletion of files or formatting the drive without proper backup, remain a common cause of data loss. While data might seem irretrievable after deletion or formatting, specialized recovery methods can often restore lost information.

6. Drive Not Recognized or Detected:

Sometimes, the Seagate ST1000DM003 hard drive may not be recognized or detected by the computer's operating system. This issue can arise due to connection problems, driver issues, or internal drive malfunctions, making data recovery a complex task.


Data loss on the Seagate ST1000DM003 1TB hard drive can result from various factors, ranging from physical damage to logical errors and accidental human actions. Attempting DIY solutions without the proper expertise can exacerbate the problem and potentially lead to permanent data loss. Therefore, in cases of data loss or drive malfunction, seeking professional data recovery services from experienced professionals is crucial to increase the chances of successful data retrieval without further compromising the drive.

Remember, prevention is better than cure when it comes to data loss. Regularly backing up crucial data to secondary storage or cloud-based solutions can mitigate the impact of potential data loss incidents and ensure the safety of valuable information.

Seagate ST1000DM003 1TB 1SB102-022 HPH4 Data Recovery Case Log

18Dec23: This hard drive was damaged during a lighting storm. The hard drive is unresponsive with no sata output at all. The pcb is also unresponsive. TVS was removed but the pcb is still faulty. Rom chip is marked 25S81 which is the first time we have seen this used with a seagate and we think its a 1mb rom chip. Checking the data of it shows obvious corrupted as the CRC16 checksum is out. We were able to solve this drive by using a 100774000 REV A pcb which we had spare on shelf.

seagate 100774000 rev d pcb data recovery

Terminal output from Patient rom on donor pcb:

Boot 0x40M
Rst 0x40M Thermistor Temp 001A
2Sync:01 0E
2Sync:01 0E
2Sync:01 0E
(P) SATA Reset

    LD: Size:00000028 HBlocks:0000 Size:002BD54F HBlocks:0031 Size:00281E85 HBlocks:0031 FlashRestore 00000000 00000028 FAF8
    PP: Size:0000B400 HBlocks:0000 FlashRestore
PVTSize: 00014728   CompSize: 000002AC   DeCompSize: 00014728 00000000 000002AC 3C11
2Sync:00 04

8May24: Tested the drive,it was IDing a bit slow,came ready, MRB. Next time when I plugged it in it stayed busy for 5 minutes and only after that ID. Grenada.

Model : ST1000DM003-1CH162
Firmware : CC47
Capacity : 1 000 GB (1 953 525 168)

Switching HDD power supply ON
Family ID by HDD ID: 58
Selected  Family ID: 58
Selected family......................... : 58, Grenada
Model by ID............................. : ST1000DM003-1CH162                      
Tech Key...
Requesting FW Pkg ver ........ GPG17B.CCD4.DC0CAL.CC47    
Detecting SA Phys Sct Size...
Result.................................. : 512
Detecting UA Phys Sct Size...
Result.................................. : 4096
Detecting Max Head number...
Phys. heads............................. : 2
Obtaining Saved Mode Pages File information...
Reading Saved Mode Pages...
Parsing Saved Mode Pages...
SMP Dbl: 0x3C001000 - 0x0001FFFF (0x0000000F)
LBA alignment........................... : 0
Obtaining Registry File information...
Reading Registry File...
Parsing Registry File...

Media Cache
MC       : enabled
MC Size  : 0x4419D0
Collecting Sys Files information...
  ID        Len
   0         36  Reserved Defect Table (SA defect table)
   1          2  Drive Information File (DIF)
   2         16  Performance Parameter File (PPF)
   3       7782  Primary Defect File (P-List)
   5          4  Manufacturing Information File (MIF)
   8       4800  
   B       1000  
   C     122880  Serial Port Test Results File (Self Scan Log)
   D        160  
   E        432  Data Integrity Check (DIC), HEAD 0
   F        223  DIC Dummy File
  13          8  Disc Registry File (settings, security, etc)
  15        100  BGMS File (Directed Offline Scan)
  16          2  
  17         40  
  19         24  Log File
  1A         33  Log File
  1B          1  Log File
  1C          9  
  1D        128  Physical Overlay File 0
  1E        128  Physical Overlay File 1
  22         80  Drive Self Test (DST), Head 0
  23         80  Drive Self Test (DST), Head 1
  2A          9  Saved Mode Pages (HDD settings)
  2B      10118  R/W Operating Parameters (translator, etc)
  2C        432  Data Integrity Check (DIC), HEAD 1
  33       4576  
  34        640  Packed CONGEN XML definition
  39       8192  
  3A          4  
  3D       3072  Disc firmware container 1
  3E       3072  Disc firmware container 2
  3F       4576  SED parameters
  40          7  SED parameters
  41       2180  SED parameters
  42       4096  ST Ovl
  43      10241  Defect list report file
  44     807106  BIG file
  45     226172  BIG file
  46     226172  BIG file
  47     177064  BIG file
  48     177064  BIG file
  49        317  BIG file
  4A        317  BIG file
  4B       8192  
  4F      14336  
  51      18432  
  52       1024  
  53       8192  
  54     3984384  
Collecting Sys File Infos completed
Collecting DT Infos...
  ID     MemOffs        Len
   0    40030200      40944  Read Adaptive Parameters File (RAP)
   1    40030000        512  Controller Adaptive Parameters File (CAP)
   4       1D400       7168  Servo Adaptive Parameter File (SAP)
        40002000      13288
              total   20456
   5       6C000      81920  Servo Firmware Table
   A      25EA50       1024  Seek Profile
  13    40139408       1440  Dependent Zone Table for User Area
  14    401399A8        120  Dependent Zone Table for System Area
  15           0     524288  Flash ROM
  1D    40030220        424  VBAR Configuration File
  1E    400305B8       4016  Zone Format Parameters File
  26    40136F38       9424  
  27    40136D40        504  
  ID     MemOffs        Len
   0    40030200      40944  Read Adaptive Parameters File (RAP)
   1    40030000        512  Controller Adaptive Parameters File (CAP)
   2    400303C8        496  Zone Table
   4       1D400       7168  Servo Adaptive Parameter File (SAP)
        40002000      13288
              total   20456
   5       6C000      81920  Servo Firmware Table
   6     1915C40      81964  Servo Flaw Table
   A      25EA50       1024  Seek Profile
  13    40139408       1440  Dependent Zone Table for User Area
  14    401399A8        120  Dependent Zone Table for System Area
  15           0     524288  Flash ROM
  16    40030200         32  Drive Configuration Table
  17    400319A0       2016  Temperature Control Configuration
  1D    40030220        424  VBAR Configuration File
  1E    400305B8       4016  Zone Format Parameters File
  1F    4032C8E8       4500  RW working user preamp table
  20    4032DA80        150  RW working system preamp table
  26    40136F38       9424  
  27    40136D40        504  
Collecting DT Infos completed
System Files I/O method detection... ATA(direct)
Reading autotuning buffer...............   Ok
Buff Root FAT searching  in RAM.........   Ok
Searching module table in RAM... .......   Ok
Searching DT table(RAM, WR) in RAM......   Ok
Searching DT table(RAM, RD) in RAM......   Ok
Searching volume 0 file table in RAM....   Ok
Searching volume 1/2 file table in RAM...   Ok
Searching volume 3 file table in RAM....   Ok
Searching volume 4/5 file table in RAM...   Ok
Request for volume 9/A file allocation table in RAM   Ok
Searching SMP RAM FID in RAM............   Ok
Searching Non Resident G-List FID in RAM   Ok
Searching CFW OVL FID in RAM............   Ok
Search for DBA Base in RAM..............   Ok
Search for RW Sys File DBA in RAM.......   Ok
Search for MCMT RAM FD in RAM...........   Error


Boot 0x40M
 Spin Up

 Spin Up

(P) SATA Reset