Kingston 1TB NVMe M.2 SNV2S Data Recovery

The Kingston 1TB SNV2S is a top-tier SSD renowned for its exceptional speed and reliability. Featuring the Phison PS5021-E21-48 controller, this SSD offers tremendous performance, making it a popular choice for both personal and professional use. However, despite its robust technology, data loss can still occur, leaving users in a precarious situation.

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Common Causes of Data Loss on NVMe SSDs

Data loss on high-performance NVMe SSDs can occur for various reasons, including:

  1. Accidental Deletion: Users might mistakenly delete crucial files or folders.

  2. File System Corruption: A corrupted file system can render data inaccessible.

  3. Physical Damage: Damage to the SSD can result in data loss.

  4. Firmware Issues: Problems with the SSD's firmware can lead to data inaccessibility.

Zero Alpha Data Recovery's Expertise

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Zero Alpha Data Recovery has a track record of successfully recovering data from NVMe SSDs, including the KINGSTON 1TB SNV2S with the Phison PS5021-E21-48 controller. Here's why Zero Alpha is your go-to solution for data recovery in such cases:

  1. Specialized Knowledge: The team at Zero Alpha possesses in-depth knowledge of NVMe SSD technology, including the intricacies of the Phison PS5021-E21-48 controller.

  2. Cutting-Edge Tools: Zero Alpha employs the latest data recovery tools and technology to extract data from even the most complex storage devices.

  3. Extensive Experience: With years of experience, Zero Alpha's professionals have tackled numerous data loss scenarios, including accidental deletions, formatting issues, and hardware failures.

  4. Secure Data Handling: Data security and confidentiality are top priorities. Zero Alpha ensures that your recovered data remains confidential and secure throughout the recovery process.

The Zero Alpha Data Recovery Process

Here's a simplified overview of how Zero Alpha recovers data from KINGSTON 1TB SNV2S NVMe SSDs:

  1. Evaluation: The SSD is thoroughly examined to determine the extent of data loss and the specific issues at hand.

  2. Recovery Plan: A tailored recovery plan is devised based on the evaluation, taking into account the unique attributes of the SSD.

  3. Data Extraction: Using their advanced tools, Zero Alpha experts meticulously extract lost data from the SSD.

  4. Quality Assurance: Before returning the recovered data to you, Zero Alpha verifies its completeness and integrity to ensure that your files are intact.

  5. Data Delivery: Once the recovery is successful, they securely deliver the restored data to you via a secure download link or physical media.


Data loss on an advanced SSD like the KINGSTON 1TB SNV2S NVMe SSD with the Phison PS5021-E21-48 controller can be disheartening. But with Zero Alpha Data Recovery's specialized knowledge, cutting-edge technology, and commitment to data security, you have a lifeline to recover your important files and memories. When data loss occurs, remember that Zero Alpha is your trusted partner, offering you the best chance to retrieve your precious data.

Data Recovery Case Log

07Nov23:ย The SSD was not detecting on PCI Express port. Controller was getting warm.ย Controller: Phison PS5021-E21-48 CE2213H PGY237 001CB. This controller is not supported.