Cracked NAND Memory Chip and Broken Pins Data Recovery

Cracked NAND chips pose a significant hurdle in data recovery efforts. These cracks may occur due to various reasons, including physical trauma, manufacturing defects, or environmental stress. When a NAND chip is damaged, it can lead to data loss, rendering the stored information inaccessible.

Broken pins further compound the problem. These pins, responsible for connecting the NAND chip to the circuit board, are delicate and can easily be damaged during mishandling, device drops, or other physical impacts. Recovering data from a NAND chip with broken pins becomes a complex task, requiring innovative solutions and specialized expertise.

tsop 48 nand chip with broken pins and cracked

Potential Solutions:

  1. Spiderboard Adapters:

    • Spiderboard adapters are designed to make contact with the top surface of the NAND chip, offering a non-intrusive way to access the data. This approach is effective when the cracks or damage are on one side of the chip.
    • However, for cases where damage is present on both sides, a hybrid engineering solution may be necessary. Combining a spiderboard on one side and a soldered PCB adapter on the other can provide a comprehensive solution.
  2. Special Adapters with Probing Pins:

    • Designing and manufacturing a special adapter with probing pins that reach the broken side from the top can offer a more direct and targeted approach.
    • Creating a CAD interface and using special pins tailored to the damaged NAND chip allows for a precise and controlled data recovery process.
  3. Soldering Trace Wires:

    • While considered the least preferable option due to its inherent risks, soldering trace wires to the damaged pins can be a last-resort solution.
    • This method involves applying direct heat to the broken pins and carefully soldering trace wires, allowing for a temporary connection to retrieve essential data.


Cracked NAND and broken pins present formidable challenges in data recovery, and the success of the recovery process depends on the extent and nature of the damage. Whether using spiderboard adapters, special probing pin adapters, or resorting to soldering trace wires, data recovery specialists must carefully assess the situation and choose the most suitable method.

spider board adapter with broken tsop 48 pins nand read

In the evolving field of data recovery, staying abreast of innovative solutions and technologies is crucial. While cracked NAND and broken pins may pose significant obstacles, the relentless pursuit of advanced techniques ensures that data recovery experts can continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in salvaging critical information from damaged storage devices.