Emtec 32GB Style Flash Drive USB 2.0 2 Pack Data Recovery

Data loss is a frustrating experience that can happen to anyone, anytime, and anywhere. Losing valuable data stored on a USB drive can be devastating, especially when it contains essential business or personal files. However, there's hope, as data recovery companies such as Zero Alpha can help retrieve lost data.

Zero Alpha is a renowned data recovery company with extensive experience in recovering data from all types of storage media. The company's team of certified engineers is well-equipped with the latest technology and expertise to tackle any data recovery challenge.

One common brand of USB drives that Zero Alpha has successfully recovered data from is Emtec. Emtec is a leading manufacturer of USB drives, known for its reliability and quality. However, even the most reliable storage devices can fail, leaving you with lost or inaccessible data.

Zero Alpha uses state-of-the-art techniques to recover data from Emtec USB drives. Here are some of the most common Emtec USB drive problems and how Zero Alpha can help:

  1. Physical Damage

Physical damage to the USB drive can render it unusable, making data recovery impossible. Common causes of physical damage include water damage, dropping the drive, or exposure to extreme temperatures. In such cases, Zero Alpha's engineers can assess the extent of the damage and determine if the drive is recoverable. If it is, they will use specialized tools to extract the data from the drive's damaged components.

  1. File System Corruption

File system corruption is a common problem that can occur when the USB drive is improperly ejected, or the system experiences a power outage. When the file system becomes corrupt, the data becomes inaccessible, and the drive may appear empty. Zero Alpha's engineers use specialized software to recover data from the drive's corrupted file system. The software can extract the data even if the file system is damaged or missing.

  1. Accidental Deletion

Accidentally deleting files from your Emtec USB drive can be a frustrating experience. However, it is possible to recover deleted data using specialized data recovery software. Zero Alpha's engineers use advanced software to scan the drive and locate deleted files. They can then retrieve the deleted data and restore it to its original location.

  1. Formatting

Formatting your Emtec USB drive can erase all the data stored on it. However, formatting does not necessarily mean that the data is permanently lost. Zero Alpha's engineers can use specialized software to recover data from a formatted drive. The software can scan the drive and locate any recoverable data, which can then be restored to its original location.

In conclusion, losing data from your Emtec USB drive can be a frustrating experience. However, with the help of a reputable data recovery company such as Zero Alpha, it is possible to recover your lost data. Zero Alpha's team of certified engineers is equipped with the latest technology and expertise to recover data from all types of storage media, including Emtec USB drives. If you are experiencing data loss, contact Zero Alpha for a free consultation today.

Emtec USB Data Recovery Case Log

03 April 2023: This usb lost detection suddenly while the owner was using it. Zero Alpha checked the usb and found that it was drawing a steady current and would trigger usb detection but there was no memory size allocated. We we're able to recover the data using proprietory methods including the use of a matching working spare emtec drive from the same packet.

Error: Disk 2 Removeable No Media

Emtec usb style flash drive not working data recovery

This Emtec usb drive came from a red and blue 2 pack

Emtec 32gb usb data recovery with FirstChip FC2279 Stamped on chip and detected as FC1178

The micro chip is printed with FC2279

FirstChip is a Chinese semiconductor company that specializes in the design, development, and manufacture of memory products, including flash memory, DRAM, and controller chips. Founded in 2002, FirstChip has become a leading player in the memory industry and has established partnerships with many of the world's major electronic manufacturers.

FirstChip's product portfolio includes a wide range of memory products, including NAND flash memory, NOR flash memory, eMMC, and UFS memory products. These products are used in a variety of applications, including smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, and solid-state drives (SSDs).

One of FirstChip's key strengths is its ability to provide customized solutions to meet the unique needs of its customers. The company works closely with its clients to develop customized products that meet specific performance, cost, and power requirements.

In addition to its memory products, FirstChip also produces a range of controller chips that are used to manage the operation of flash memory devices. These controller chips are critical components in many electronic devices and play an important role in ensuring the reliable and efficient operation of these devices.

Overall, FirstChip is a well-respected player in the memory industry and has built a strong reputation for quality, reliability, and innovation. As the demand for memory products continues to grow, FirstChip is well-positioned to continue to play a leading role in this important industry.

using mptools to detect firstchip usb data recovery controller

Chips Genius Report for the Emtec 32GB

Description: [F:]USB Mass Storage Device(General USB Flash Disk)
Device Type:        Mass Storage Device

Protocal Version: USB 2.00
Current Speed: High Speed
Max Current: 100mA

USB Device ID: VID = 6557 PID = 0022
Serial Number: 56122C203F425CBA

Device Vendor: General
Device Name: USB Flash Disk
Device Revision: 0200

Manufacturer: General
Product Model: USB Flash Disk
Product Revision: 2.00

Controller Vendor: FirstChip
Controller Part-Number: FC1178BC
Flash ID code:      453E98B3766B - SanDisk - 1CE/Single Channel [TLC] -> Total Capacity = 64GB