16Jan23 - FC1179 Controller USB Data Recovery

Technology found in a no brand usb flash stick with company logo mass produced.

This usb would power up and show a red led light. It would draw 0.5a at 5v and would trigger a windows usb detection but with no mountable volume.

All smd tested ok.

A working donor usb was obtained. It would draw the same current but the LED would rapidly flash when connected with correct volume size. 

The main controller chip was transplanted. Donor to Patient equals same symptoms. Patient to donor would work.

fc1179 usb flash drive

TY1179 UDP30 1T V3

Nand chip was removed and found to be UFD (usb flash drive).

Directly connected to USB pins on patient and donor but no activity

usb direct solder pinout no activity

Pinout for this is 3 rows by 10 pins. Pinout is not logged in ace database. Reverse engineered pinout:

3 rows by 10 pins usb flash drive pinout