Lexar USB 16GB LJD550-16G Data Recovery

USB Connector Damaged

The Lexar USB 16GB LJD550-16G is a reliable and convenient USB flash drive manufactured by Lexar. With a storage capacity of 16GB, it offers ample space for storing and transferring various types of data. The compact and durable design makes it an excellent choice for users seeking portability and ease of use. It utilizes USB 2.0 technology, ensuring compatibility with most devices and systems. The plug-and-play functionality allows for quick and effortless data transfers without the need for additional drivers or software. Whether you need to carry important documents, photos, videos, or other files, the LJD550-16G flash drive is a practical and dependable storage solution for everyday use. However, as with any storage device, it is advisable to perform regular backups and handle the drive with care to ensure data integrity and longevity.

LEXAR USB 16GB LJD550-16G DATA RECOVERY - USB Connector Damaged

A client came into our service with a Lexar USB that had a broken connector. A broken connector on a Lexar USB can render the device unusable and lead to potential data loss. The USB connector is crucial for establishing a connection between the drive and the host system. When it breaks or becomes damaged, it prevents the proper transfer of data, making it impossible to access the files stored on the drive. After the assessment, Zero Alpha engineers quoted this job a $395 no data no pay. This means the client will only pay if we are successful with the data recovery.

LEXAR USB 16GB LJD550-16G DATA RECOVERY - USB Connector Damaged

For this job, the engineers proceeded with the necessary repairs. Our technicians have the expertise to create a connection between the flash memory chip our specialised application. After the connection is made, our systems are able to create a sector by sector copy of the data for the client. After the data recovery process is complete, our team performs rigorous checks to verify the integrity of the retrieved data. We then present the recovered files to the client for verification and final approval. Zero Alpha was able to recover all the data from this device including photos, videos, documents and PDF's.

lexar usb flash drive with broken usb connector micro soldering data recovery

Soldering the a new connector on with hardwired jumpers back to the connections

This usb flash drive was using a silicon motion EN3257LT Q AB controller chip

silicon motion EN3257LT Q AB usb flash drive data recovery