Verbatim USB with Alcor Micro AU6987ANHL-2 Data Recovery

In the realm of data storage and transfer, USB flash drives have become an integral part of our digital lives. Verbatim, a renowned brand, has produced USB drives equipped with the Alcor Micro AU6987ANHL-2 controller. While these devices are generally reliable, users may encounter challenges leading to the need for data recovery. In this article, we'll explore some common problems associated with Verbatim USB drives using the Alcor Micro AU6987ANHL-2 controller.

Verbatim USB data recovery with AU6987ANHL

  1. Controller Malfunctions: One of the primary issues users face is controller malfunctions. The Alcor Micro AU6987ANHL-2, responsible for managing data flow, can encounter problems due to various factors such as power fluctuations, physical damage, or even firmware corruption. When the controller malfunctions, it can result in the USB drive becoming inaccessible, leading to potential data loss.

  2. Physical Damage: USB drives are susceptible to physical damage due to their portable nature. The Alcor Micro AU6987ANHL-2 controller, being a crucial component, can be damaged if the USB drive is dropped, exposed to extreme temperatures, or subjected to water or electrical damage. Physical harm to the controller often results in an inability to access stored data.

  3. Firmware Corruption: Firmware plays a critical role in the proper functioning of the Alcor Micro AU6987ANHL-2 controller. If the firmware becomes corrupted due to a sudden power loss or an interrupted firmware update, the USB drive may no longer be recognized by the computer, making data recovery a challenging task.

  4. Partition and File System Issues: Verbatim USB drives using the Alcor Micro AU6987ANHL-2 controller may experience partition or file system-related problems. Corrupted partitions or file systems can render the drive unreadable, leading to data inaccessibility. This issue may arise from sudden ejections, improper formatting, or other unforeseen events.

  5. Virus or Malware Attacks: USB drives are susceptible to virus and malware attacks, and when these malicious elements target the Alcor Micro AU6987ANHL-2 controller's firmware or stored data, recovery becomes a complex task. Viruses can corrupt files, leading to data loss, and may even render the USB drive unusable.


While Verbatim USB drives equipped with the Alcor Micro AU6987ANHL-2 controller offer reliable data storage and transfer solutions, users may encounter challenges resulting in the need for data recovery. Whether due to controller malfunctions, physical damage, firmware corruption, partition issues, or virus attacks, addressing these problems requires specialized knowledge and tools.

In such cases, seeking professional data recovery services is recommended. Data recovery experts can assess the extent of the damage, employ advanced techniques, and attempt to retrieve the valuable data stored on the Verbatim USB drive. Additionally, regular backups and careful handling of USB drives can help mitigate the risk of data loss, ensuring a more secure and reliable digital storage experience.

This Verbatim usb flash drive stopped working and the client brought it in for data recovery. We test all the electronics and even find the schematics to help work with it. Its powered by a Alcor Micro AU6987ANHL-2. Only one record of this controller being solved.

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