Western Digital 500GB WD5000AACS-00ZUB0 Data Recovery

The Western Digital 500GB WD5000AACS-00ZUB0 is a reliable and efficient hard drive designed to meet the storage needs of both personal and professional users. Part of Western Digital's Green series, this drive is known for its energy-efficient operation, making it an eco-friendly choice for those looking to reduce power consumption without compromising on performance. With a 500GB capacity, it offers ample space for storing a variety of data, including documents, photos, videos, and software applications. The drive operates at a standard 7200 RPM, ensuring a balance between speed and storage efficiency. Its SATA interface provides fast data transfer rates, enhancing overall system responsiveness. The WD5000AACS-00ZUB0 is also equipped with advanced technologies such as IntelliPower and IntelliSeek, which optimize power usage and reduce noise and vibration. This makes it an ideal choice for use in desktop computers, external storage systems, and other applications requiring reliable, quiet, and energy-efficient storage solutions. PCB number on this drive is 2060-701444-004 Rev A.

Western Digital 500GB WD5000AACS-00ZUB0

Recovering data from a Western Digital 500GB WD5000AACS-00ZUB0 hard drive with head problems is a complex and delicate process that requires specialized knowledge and tools. When the read/write heads of a hard drive malfunction, they can fail to access the platters where data is stored, leading to data inaccessibility or loss. Attempting to recover data from such a drive without professional intervention can exacerbate the damage. The first step in addressing head problems involves diagnosing the extent of the issue, typically done in a cleanroom environment to prevent further contamination. Data recovery experts might use a donor drive with compatible heads to replace the damaged ones temporarily. This intricate process, known as a head swap, requires precision and expertise. Once the heads are successfully replaced, advanced data recovery software can be used to extract the data. It's crucial to back up recovered data immediately to prevent future loss. Consulting with a professional data recovery service ensures the highest chance of successfully retrieving valuable information from a compromised Western Digital 500GB WD5000AACS-00ZUB0 hard drive.

WD5000AACS-00ZUB0 Data Recovery Case Log

01July2024 - Patient drive had all status lights displayed and red error light. Exchanged PCB for donor. PC3000 drive became ready but spun down. error messages as seen below indicate head issues.

02July2024 - MHA performed. Head piece WD3 -3 is used.

03Jul24: This hard drive would not spin up. We changed the pcb to a new one. The drives is responding very poorly and sometimes clicks. We we're able to read some data but the drive started clicking again. We used another new pcb and after 2 attempts got the drive to spinup again. Reading is very bad so we changed from reading via the utility and got a consistent speed of up to 5 mb/s.

Original pcb: 2060-701444-004 REV A
Donor working pcb: 2060-701444-004 REV B

Western Digital 500GB WD5000AACS-00ZUB0 Actuator Init

Western Digital 500GB WD5000AACS-00ZUB0